Located in Clarkesville and Cornelia, Midtown Grill is no ordinary burger restaurant.

Established by Preston Bowen and Andrew Kelley in August 2013, Midtown Grill in Clarkesville is located just off the square in beautiful Midtown Clarkesville. With the opening of our Cornelia location in July 2015, we now have two convenient locations to serve you.  We pride ourselves in providing our customers with great service and amazing food.  Whether you are looking for an all-American burger or a burger with a little "elaboration" to it, we've got you covered.  

Our burgers are always fresh and hand-pattied every day.  For our Specialty Burgers, we paired unconventional flavors--inspired by midtowns and cities from around the globe--that just seem to harmonize, and then we put them on a burger.  No matter which city you try a little taste of, when you leave, you'll be saying "That's the best **** burger I've ever had."

Locations & Hours


700 Business Hwy 441
Cornelia, GA 30531

(706) 768-6425


M-F 11am–8:00pm
Saturday 11am–2:30pm
Sunday Closed


160 Franklin Street
Clarkesville, GA 30523

(706) 754-0707


M-W, Sa 11am–2:30pm
Th-F 11am–8:00pm
Su Closed





Chicago Burger


Concord Burger


Toluca Burger


Reno Burger


Middleboro Burger


Athens Burger



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Sicily Burger


Verona Burger


Dublin Burger


Melbourne Burger


Nassau Burger


Alice Springs Burger



Two local friends open Midtown Grill.


Prior to opening Midtown Grill, Preston Bowen and Andrew Kelley worked for Preston's parents at their restaurant in Cleveland, Georgia, The Soda Fountain Café.  There they discovered their passion for making great food and providing quality service to customers. They started Midtown Grill because they were provided an opportunity and wanted to create something for themselves where they could do what they loved on a daily basis.

Exterior of the Cornelia location, opened in July 2015.

Exterior of the Cornelia location, opened in July 2015.

In July 2015, Preston and Andrew opened another location just down the road in Cornelia.  Midtown Grill in Cornelia is located across the street from Ethicon in the Midway Shopping center.  Not long after opening their second location, the two moved their original Clarkesville location up the street a few blocks.  This new Clarkesville location opened in late October 2015, and is double the size of the original location.



Exterior of the new, larger Clarkesville location, opened in October 2015.

Exterior of the new, larger Clarkesville location, opened in October 2015.

Both Andrew Kelley and Preston Bowen grew up in the Cleveland area and graduated from White Creek Christian Academy.  Andrew worked as a pharmacy tech at Lula Pharmacy for six years before starting Midtown Grill.  At Lula Pharmacy, owners Amy Miller and Karen Bowling taught Andrew that having a good relationship with customers is one of the most important things for a business. Preston helped coach basketball at Truett McConnell College, where he attended to earn a degree in Sports Management. While there, he also worked for his high school as a coach and at his parents' restaurant.  Eric and Jodi Bowen showed their son the secrets of making good, quality food and running a restaurant.  


Since opening Midtown Grill, much has happened to the two,  Their restaurant has shown considerable growth in its two short years.  Andrew and Preston received the Habersham County Chamber of Commerce "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award for 2014, and Preston married the love of his life, Hannah Carter.  


On his marriage, Preston said, "It is the most wonderful thing in the world to be married to my best friend, Hannah, and to know that I will be spending the rest of my life with her."  "When we were told that we had won the award ('Entrepreneur of the Year' Award), we were completely shocked.  We were thankful for the recognition," said Andrew about being named Entrepreneurs of the Year.  "The restaurant continues to grow, and we are grateful for all of our wonderful customers. Without them, we would not have such a successful business," continued Andrew.  Preston added, "It's (Clarkesville) a really nice community to be a part of.  The downtown area, the other businesses, and the people make every day a good day."

-October 2015

Andrew (left) and Preston celebrate Midtown Grill's One Year Anniversary with friends, and family. -August 2014

Christmas with Midtown Grill Staff and Friends. -December 2014

Wade Rhodes presents Andrew and Preston with the Habersham Chamber of Commerce "Entrepreneur of the Year" Award. -January 2015

IMG_0202 2.JPG

Local artist brings seasonal scenes to life at Midtown Grill


The art seen on the windows at Midtown Grill is painted by local artist, Sarah Samsel. She is best known for her artwork using various materials from nature, but she is also skilled at designing and painting amazing scenes.  Midtown Grill is thankful to be partnering with Sarah to provide locals and visitors to Clarkesville with some excellent artwork.


                                                           From her Facebook page:

"A multi-media artist since the time she could glue construction paper together and an avid gardener, Sarah Samsel combines her passions for creating and creation through “pressed flower art.” In addition to flower petals, Sarah uses foliage, seeds, bark, fruit and vegetable peels/husks and a variety of other natural materials to create pictures, many of which feature animals or historic buildings or depict a simple lifestyle in the Georgia mountains. Sarah got her start in pressed-flower art by making greeting cards, both for local shops and on commission, but has since turned exclusively to framed original art. Sarah is a member of the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild. You can visit their website at www.wwpfg.org."


Sarah and her artwork were featured in a story by Michelle Wetherbee on Now Habersham which can be found here.

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